Introducing VirusLock (TM)
      revolutionizing data security

The patented VirusLock® Selector offers flexibility and data security not previously possible for any stand alone or network computer!  (If you're on a network WITHOUT THE VIRUSLOCK anybody with administrator privilege has total access to your files.) 
More effective than any software, the VirusLock Selector (VLS) is a hardware device that switches power on to either (or both) of two installed, bootable hard drives.  The name "VirusLock" was chosen because when one of the hard drives is turned off, no virus can corrupt it.  

Preventing virus damage; however, is just one of many uses for the VirusLock!

For initial setup, all partitions are mirrored to the backup drive using utility software that's bundled with new hard drives, or available at your drive manufacturer's site.  Everyday work and network communications are done on the "main" drive.   

Subsequent backup is fast and convenient.  Turn the VirusLock Selector to the "main plus backup" position and "drag and drop" a copy of the data partition or execute a catalog backup.  Then return the VirusLock Selector to the "main" position, which actually powers down the backup drive for total data security.  A drive that's turned off is safe, it's not wearing out, and it can't be hacked!  

When it becomes necessary, subsequent disaster recovery takes only minutes.  Simply mirror your data back to the "main" drive after a virus attack or data corruption event.  There is no known, faster, less costly, more convenient data backup possible!  

Who needs the VirusLock Selector?  

The VirusLock Selector allows every home user and small business to make ultra fast backups to a second, backup hard drive.  It allows parents and children to safely share one computer.  VirusLock gives CEO'smanagersbusiness executives and medical office administrators positive confidentiality on a network.  It provides software developerspublic utility companieslaw enforcement agencies,, homeland security, and financial institutions a stable, isolated platform free from the risk of data corruption.  Computer geeks can use the VirusLock Selector to dual boot on separate drives, each with its own operating system.      

Note: A revised model is under development.  

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Installs in minutes in standard drive bay
(original 2002 version shown)
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